The Company

The Motonautica Vesuviana was created in 1994 from the passion that its founder, engineer Vincenzo Nappo, has for the sea and for pneumatic boats. The experience gained in years of navigation and practice of nautical camping, become the launching trampoline for the conception of a boat that embodies the best responses to the needs of enthusiasts. Thus in 1998, the first prototype was designed and built, the MV 700 which immediately stood out for its functionality and excellent qualities for the navigation.

The philosophy

The philosophy pursued by Motonautica Vesuviana, today Mv Marine, has been, from the beginning, the design and implementation of the entire production cycle within the company, ranging from design, to models, to molds, to manufactured articles in VTR, to the rubber parts, to finish with the upholstery. Always improving the construction processes while maintaining high quality standards.

This philosophy has allowed the MV to acquire a know-how that spans multiple sectors, from the design of high-performance 3D CAD-CAM hulls, to the lamination of composite materials, made in Infusion and RTM, to the plants etc.

Thanks to the combination of all this knowledge acquired over the years, the MV technical department designs and manufactures beautiful and functional boats, which can weigh up to 30% less than the average, reducing consumption and emissions, to the advantage of operating costs and environment. Strengthened by the passion, by the knowledge acquired and not least by the enthusiasm of the customers, the MV is tracing a new route in the way of conceiving the dinghy of the future.