Design & Functionality

This philosophy has enabled MV to acquire a know-how that covers many sectors, from the design of CAD-CAM 3D hulls of high performance, to the lamination of composite materials, made by Infusion and RTM system, to vibration free frames and high endurance structures. Thanks to the combination of all these knowledge acquired over the years, the engineering department of MV designs and builds not only gorgeous but also functional and reliable R.I.Bs. with excellent navigation skills, which can weigh up to 30% less than average. Hence these RIBs can offer reduced fuel consumption and emissions, and therefore beneficial to both the operating cost and the environment. It is for all these facts that Motonautica Vesuviana guarantees not only piece of mind and trouble free navigation experience but also excellent resale boat value.

With strong passion, strong technology base and knowledge acquired, always inspired by customers’ enthusiasm, Motonautica Vesuviana is paving a new way of conceiving, visualising and constructing the inflatable boats of the future.

The commitment of the designers of Motonautica Vesuviana,today MV Marine, is for the observation of nature, of human beings and human interaction with the object of his desire. This is crucial for designing R.I.B.s (RIGID INFLATABLE BOATS) with beautiful design solutions, but simple and functional. The MV Marine RIBs, do not arise solely from the design research, but it’ s the style, which is shaped by the functionality of the elements.

The new nose of the MV Marine range

The new nose, of the MV Marine range, slims the bow, balancing the tube to the deck, without sacrificing its functionality. The electric winch is recessed, the bollards are externally inclined, the windlass, the anchor and the chain are disposed in a special compartment, leaving free the pavement, facilitating the descent from the bow.

The design of the deck of Vesevus 35 is born from the careful study, oriented to the functionality of the spaces on board, constituted by the two sundecks at the bow and stern, by the dinette and the cockpit. All these areas are easily accessible without having to trample on the cushions. It has been given much attention to the quality of life on board, it is possible to move from bow to stern, leaving the people lying on the sundeck, without forcing them to move during use.


Engines of the MV Marine two types of bridges

To facilitate the descent on the dock, even when you’re stern moored, the engineers of the MV Marine have devised two types of bridges, a recessed type, collapsible, very elegant, stainless steel and teak, the other one longer tiltable and removable, to meet the diverse needs of the owner.

The large stern platforms with recessed boarding ladder, available in all the MV Marine range, make it not only easy descent and ascent from the water, but also allow to have a comfortable and functional space to shower outboard. All connections of the control cables that leave from the engine are installed so that they can’t to obstruct the passage.


Combination Design & Functionality

The combination between design and functionality has one of its best expressions in the doors made of RTM-Light, very light, both internally and externally finished in glossy gelcoat. To make as much easier and rapid the doors opening of all MV Marine R.I.B.s (RIGID INFLATABLE BOATS), they are assisted by gas actuators and can be opened without removing the cushions.

The tubular does not carry only buoyancy and safety activity, but it is an integral and functional part of the deck, in fact it also works as a headrest in the sunbathing areas. The cushions are partially embedded in the belt of the tube, expanding the available area.

On top of the tubular, runs an antiskid platform, which has a practical and stylistic function.


Unique solution economical and functional

From the long experience gained through years of nautical camping, in the Mito 31, in the Vesevus 35 FB and in Mito 45 FB were designed two separate double cabins, on bow and stern, separated from the central cockpit, leaving the privacy to the possible guests.

Those R.I.B.s have a WC separated by the berth at head height, both in the cabin and bathroom.

Particular attention was paid to obtain the stowage of luggage and for the many compartments.

Unique solution in its kind, economical and functional is the one proposed with the cabin of MV 800. An equipped area for sleeping or arrange a toilet water. The genius of this solution is in its simplicity, as it is doesn’t clutter, it has a paltry and modest cost, derived from a R.I.B. of only 8 ml.