Technical data

Length overall M. 5,50
Max beam Mt 2,54
Inside length Mt 4,70
Inside beam Mt 1,40
Diameter buoyancy tube                    cm 44/55
Material buoyancy tube Orca Pennel da 1300 dtex
Weight Kg 450
People capacity 10
Fuel capacity L 130
Shaft length engine L
Design category 10
Air chambers 5
Maximum power Kw 88 (cv 120)



Standard accessories

Drive console in vtr, Wheel house, Wind Shield, watertight door
Covers of lockers provide of gas pistons and closures
Bow curmudgeon in vtr with Sail Anchor
Bow and Stern pillows complete realized with sponge at closed cells
Tensioners of hauling and pulling
Reparation Kit

Extra accessories

Roll-bar in stainless steel with navigation lights
12 V Electric Power plant without battery
Fresh water plant with tank of Lt.30, water pump, and dispencer
Awning in Inox steel and sheet in Cotton
Waterproof R.I.B. cover
Waterproof Cover Console
Fuel indicator with sensor
Hauling bands
Auxiliary outboard engine stand
Fuel plant with tank in polyethylene of 130 Lt
Lift stairs in inox steel
Bow sundeck extension